Frequently Asked Questions


General Info

I am new to the studio, how do I begin?
We recommend you arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out any necessary paperwork and/or change into your attire for your practice. You can also fill out the registration form found on the Getting Started Page and prepay to save some time.


Can I stop by and check out the studio before I sign up?
Yes, in general, the studio opens approximately 15 minutes before every class.


Where are you located?
We are located at 3335 Seldon Court in Fremont. If heading North on Osgood Rd, Seldon Court is on the left and is flanked by Jonce Thomas Industrial Park sign on the left and a large Jehovah’s Witness Assembly Hall on the right. Once you turn on to Seldon, turn right on the third driveway. We are end of the building. 


Where should I park?
Please park the MBZ designated spots, unmarked spots or on the street. 


What types of payment do you accept?
We accept payment by cash or check. Unfortunately, we no longer accept credit or debit cards. 


How do I prepare for the classes?
-Wear comfortable, fitted stretchy clothing (no bulky, loose-fitted items).
-Please refrain from using fragrances in the studio as some clients may suffer from environmental allergies.
-Bring a towel, water and yoga mat.
-Wait 3 to 4 hours after a large meal and 1 to 2 hours after a light snack before attending a class or training session.
-Arrive at least 10 minutes before start of class to fill out some paperwork, relax and get settled.
-No shoes in the studio, please leave them in the cubbies in the lobby. There are additional cubbies to store your
wallet/purse/keys in the main room.
-Turn off all cell phones and pagers.


What if I don’t have a yoga and/or pilates mat?
We encourage you to bring your own mat. However, if you do not have one or forget one, mats are available for a rental rate of $1. All other props are available for use at the studio.


How long will I have to do the workout before I see results?
The average person, attending class 2-3 times a week, will notice results in 2-3 months. Naturally, results may vary depending on each individual (i.e. the number of classes a person takes each week, whether they are private or group classes, whether they participate in other physical activities, whether they have any existing injuries, etc.)


I have a bad back (knee, neck, etc), will I be able to do the exercises?
It is recommended that you consult your physician before starting any fitness routine and know what is contraindicated for your condition. Inform the instructor of any serious health conditions such as neck, back or joint injuries, heart disease, high blood pressure, recent surgery, pregnancy, etc before class starts. Our trained instructors will modify the exercises to safely accommodate your limitations while challenging you within your range.


How can I find out who is teaching a class or if the studio is open on a holiday?
Please visit our website and click “schedule”. The instructors are listed by each class and any class cancellations are also noted on the schedule.


What is the pricing after the introductory special of $30 for unlimited classes for 30 day?
It depends how often you attend classes and which classes/services interest you. If you plan to come 3 or more times a week, the unlimited package for a month is $99. If you plan to come to 2 or less classes a week, the best package is 10 classes for $130 ($13 each, no expiration date). There are discount for couples and students. If you are interested in reformer classes, there are packages for reformer only and some with classes too. For complete list of our pricing, click here.


What is your cancellation policy for reformer classes or private sessions?
This is up to the discretion of the instructor and is something that should be discussed during your first meeting. If you need to cancel a class or private session, please call the studio or let the instructor know with as much notice as possible.



Yoga and Pilates

What is Yoga?
Yoga has the potential to transform your body and your life. It is a practice that harmonizes the body, mind and spirit while strengthening muscle groups, increasing flexibility, developing proper body alignment and increasing energy. With a consistent practice, yoga can lead to a deeper sense of well-being and balance. Be prepared to unleash your full potential, and to transform your everyday stress into pure energy.


I am not flexible, can I still do yoga?
Absolutely! Regardless of your age, physical condition and flexibility level, yoga can be practiced by anyone.


What yoga class is best suited for me?
Our yoga classes are classified by levels. Level 1 is for beginner students, Level 2 is for intermediate and advanced students. If you are new to yoga, it is best to start with any class that is level 1 or level 1/2. If you like classes that are slower and focus more on stretching, the best classes are Gentle Yoga, Yoga Stretching, Candlelit Yoga and Yoga. If you like something that is more intense and challenging, Vinyasa and Power yoga are most suitable.


What is Pilates?
Pilates is a challenging, yet gentle, exercise system that transforms the way your body looks and feels by focusing on strengthening and stretching muscles utilizing resistance. It is excellent for developing a strong “core” as well as a uniformly conditioned body. We offer Pilates Mat classes and Reformer classes.


What is Pilates Equipment?
MBZ offers expert instruction on the Pilates Reformer and other equipment. The equipment uses springs and ropes to provide assistance and/or resistance through the various exercises. Few training programs offer the well-rounded method that pilates does. If practiced routinely, pilates on the Reformer dramatically transforms the way your body looks and feels without building excess bulk. When you train with the experts at MBZ the challenges –and results—never stop.


What are the benefits of Yoga and/or Pilates?
-an increase in strength, agility, flexibility, range of motion and balance
-body conditioning, toning and sculpting without the muscular bulk
-stretching, toning and alleviating physical discomfort and pain
-strengthening the immune system and increasing circulation
-bringing calm and harmony to the mind and body
-a keen sense of body awareness
-a reduction of stress and anxiety
-assisting in body detoxification
-a lean, sleek and toned body


Are yoga and pilates the same thing?
They are the same in that both use breath and movement. Pilates focuses in on the "powerhouse" or core of the body. Pilates also incorporates reformer machines and props to enhance the pilates experience. Yoga focuses in on longer durations and breath during "poses" or asanas and the connection of mind-body-spirit. Both are great for rehabilitation of injuries or stress. So incorporate both into your fitness program!


I am very active, do I need yoga and pilates?
Aerobic activity and standard muscle training are important, but not enough. These are vital muscles that are neglected and are in a chronic state of contraction. The key to true fitness involves a combination of cardio exercises, muscle strengthening, core fitness (pilates) and flexibility training (yoga). The truth doesn’t always lie in your outer appearance but feeling good inside and out…stretching, strengthening, sweating and rejuvenating.


Will I get the same results with Yoga and Pilates Mat classes as with Pilates Equipment?
Mat-based workouts are very convenient and can be done anywhere. A workout on the pilates equipment will add resistance to your routine and can correct muscular imbalances.



Reformer Classes

How do I sign up for a Pilates Reformer class?
You can register online or call the studio 510-252-1193 24-48 hours prior to class.


What is included in a private assessment session?
Our expert instructors will assess your alignment, posture, range of motion, muscle group strengths and weaknesses and teach you the fundamentals so that you can be successful in class.


What if I would like to continue private sessions vs. going into a reformer class?
Our mission is to help you reach your fitness goals. We are inspired to take you to the next level whether in classes or in private sessions. We want you to look and feel your best.


How many students are in a reformer class?
A class will have a maximum of 7 lead by our recognized instructors who will walk around and assist you to make sure that you getting the fullest benefit out of each exercise.


How do I secure my spot for a reformer class?
In order to guarantee your space, payments are due at the time of registration.

Personal Training

Why hire a personal trainer?
1. Motivation...You simply cannot do it alone. It takes 21 days to become a habit. Start yours today! Motivation is the difference between making something happen and simply talking about it. We all try fitness programs for many different reasons, whether you are internally motivated or you need an external source for motivation; we are here to support you. Showing up and taking charge of your health is much easier when someone is waiting for you.
2. Guidance...Have you ever walked into a gym and you were intimidated and didn't know where to start? At MBZ, we take the guess work out of the equation. Training programs can be as simple or complex as you like. We will design a comprehensive plan specific to your sport or lifestyle so that you don't have to worry about it. It's your call, so let's work together to design the perfect fitness program for you.
3. You've hit a fitness plateau...What do you do when your life or fitness routine becomes just that...a routine? Do you find yourself having difficulty losing those extra 10 pounds? Do you feel sluggish and tired at the end of the day? Our fitness professionals will take your fitness to the next level where you can unleash your true potential.
4. Injury Prevention. Let's face it, injuries can set you back. At MBZ, we will work with your physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists to help you along the road to recovery. At MBZ, we have a formula for success by aligning your posture, giving you joint mobility and flexibility and more importantly giving you the freedom to do whatever you want. Our trainers will teach you biomechanically how to use less energy and show you how to draw the line between pushing yourself and overdoing it. We will design a personal program that will put you in excellent, injury free shape as you achieve your goals.


Why should you try personal training at MBZ?
Simply put, we hire the Bay Area's finest fitness professionals. Take a look at their biographies; you will see that they are incredibly diverse in their education and skill sets. At MBZ, we raise the standards of fitness professionals.


How do I choose a personal trainer?
Come in and check them out! Watch the different trainers in action and see how they relate to their clients. Ask our experienced trainers for advice. Each trainer has a unique set of specialties. We continually educate so that we can help design a Personal Fitness Portfolio to help you achieve your goals.


What is a Personal Fitness Portfolio?
Our fitness professionals will develop a comprehensive personal health and fitness portfolio. This will include your customized health history report, range of motion testing, posture and alignment, your workout history, injuries and any fitness assessments. Take the next step...what's holding you back?




What is Z-Health®?
Z-Health®, created by Dr. Eric Cobb, is a high tech, cutting-edge exercise system designed expressly for retraining your nerves and brain (the nervous system) for maximum performance, maximum recovery and maximum health. In other words, Z-Health is a neural re-training system that helps people get out of pain, improve their health and maximize their athletic performance.


What makes Z-Health different from other mobility programs?
This is a question that we get asked a lot because of the growing popularity of mobility training programs. If you search the web you will find some stellar mobility products by a number of excellent coaches. With that being the case, why would you choose Z-Health?
To make this simple, let’s break dynamic joint mobility (DJM) training down into two distinct categories:
1. DJM for improved joint function.
2. DJM for nervous system re-education.
Almost all mobility programs currently focus on #1 – mobility for improved joint function. This type of training - as compared to Z-Health - uses larger, less specific ranges of motion for the joints and typically emphasizes speed and a high number of repetitions. If you want to increase circulation and lubrication around a given joint, this works and works well.
What makes this approach different from Z-Health is stated in #2. The Z-Health approach focuses on a set of training principles with the goal of re-educating your nervous system about maximally efficient movement patterns. Z-Health is very precise, uses a low number of reps throughout the day, and emphasizes the perfection of movement skills. As a result, not only will Z-Health help you improve joint lubrication and function, it will also teach you how to eliminate poor movement patterns that you may have developed over time.
We like to say that Z-Health is really about learning to speak the language of movement with total fluency. As you master the principles of Z, you will see dramatic changes in everything you do – not just in how well your joints move.


Why does Z-Health focus so much on the nervous system?
In your body, the nervous system rules! If you are looking to make fast changes in pain, range of motion, strength, coordination, speed, agility or any other physical attribute the fastest path to getting there is to change your nervous system. In our certification courses we explain that the nervous system has three vitally important characteristics to remember:
1. It is the governing system of the body. In other words, it runs the whole show!
2. It is the most stable system of the body. Research has shown over and over that the nervous system can continue to learn and adapt at ANY age which means you can improve your body at ANY point in your life by focusing on the nervous system.
3. It is the fastest system of the body. Your nerves communicate throughout the body at lightning fast speeds. What is wonderful about this is that you can make nearly instantaneous changes in the body if you impact the nervous system correctly.


How does Z-Health “target” the nervous system?
Through very specific joint range of motion exercises called dynamic joint mobility drills or DJM. When they are performed correctly they offer you a powerful pathway to making your nervous system function far more efficiently.


Why does Z-Health focus on the joints and not some other part of the body?
Specific joint movements are one of the best ways to communicate with the CNS (Central Nervous System). The reason for this is that the joints have a very high concentration of nerve endings surrounding them that provide direct feedback to your CNS. This feedback tells your body where it is in space, how fast it is moving and what movements are “safe”. By re-training and “waking up” these nerve endings through specific joint mobility drills, you can help your body get out of pain and learn how to perform at your true genetic potential.