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GuruQachu Asana Flashcards

Purchase your GuruQachu Asana Flashcards at Mind Body Zone and $5 for each box sold will be donated to Nor Cal Animal Rescue. Or purchase them online at

GuruQachu Asana Flashcards Include:
· A How-to Guide
· 108 Asana Flashcards
· 11 Reference Cards
· 1 Carabineer
· Box is a yoga block that can be used for balancing postures.
The flashcards center on Hatha yoga positions and are meant for all levels of yoga practice.
Each card has a picture of a pose and a coding system for ways to divide up the cards to build sequences or work on a specific area of the body. The pose name is given in both Sanskrit and English, there is a phonetic break down of how to correctly pronounce the Sanskrit, and the definition of each Sanskrit word used.
Also included are the actions the body is taking, the target area(s) where the pose is felt, a written description of how to get into the pose, the benefits of doing each pose, how to modify the pose, and the contra-indications (body issues which indicate caution in performing that particular pose). The cards have a hole drilled into the upper left-hand corner and the set comes with a carabineer you can use to keep your cards grouped together when they are out of the box.
Cards sets sell for $59.95 plus tax ($65.65 after tax)