Spa Offerings

Swedish Massage
Flowing strokes and gentle manipulations of the muscles and joints.  Encourages relaxation and reduction of tension and stress.  Improves circulation which allows better movement and body function.  Allows for better sleep to give you energy for an active day.  60 minutes for $75


Craniosacral Therapy 
Feel total relaxation as you heal from the inside to the outside.  Focus is on the bones of the head down through the spine to the sacrum.  Light touch with deep results.  Feeling for the changes in the cerebrospinal fluid.  This treatment helps in the treatment of injury or pain.  May result in a wider range of motion and reduction of pain. 60 minutes for $75


Hot Lava Shell Massage  
Heated sea shells combined with classic Swedish massage create a warming, therapeutic treatment.  As pressure is placed on trigger point it will help to unwind deep knots and loosen muscles.  The Lava Shells use 100% natural ingredients which are biodegradable and recyclable.  90 minutes for $100


Hot Stone Massage
A treat to warm the body and spirit.  Deep relaxation is achieved as the heat penetrates down through the muscles.  This allows for muscle tension to relax and circulation to improve.  You will receive a better range of motion and better nights sleep resulting in more energy.   90 minutes for $100


Mother to be Massage
Many changes occur in the body during pregnancy.  Massage can ease many of these stresses by preventing stretch marks, ease back pain and alleviating muscle tensions. The special techniques ensure a comfortable and safe way for you to relax and pamper yourself through this transitional time.   60 minutes for $75


Post Natal Massage
This is best way to help your body recover from the birthing process.  Strengthens, tones, and relieves laxed tissue and tensed muscles.  Allows quality sleep and promotes more energy to enjoy the new baby.  Calms the mind and helps relieve postpartum depression.  60 minutes for $75


Infant Massage
Relieves aches and pains from the birthing process.  Tones and strengthens the body while helping with the growth of healthy tissues.  Relieves fatigue and promotes sleep helping the infant feel calm and happy, reduces colic. 
30 minutes for $25


A full hour devoted to the feet.  Start with an aromatherapy foot bath followed by a detailed massage of each foot.  This will relax tired feet and rejuvenate the body.  60 minutes for $75


Luxurious Hand and Foot Treatment
Relax your tired hands and feet.  Soak them in warm aromatherapy sea salt, while exfoliating, to your elbow or knee with a salt scrub.  This will be followed by a lotion massage.  Ending with a warm and relaxing herbal, wax wrap for the feet and hands.  This leaves your skin feeling soft as silk and rejuvenated.  $50 or two for $90



To schedule a treatment, please call MBZ at 510-252-1193 or contact

Leisa Jarman, massage therapist, directly at 510-813-9715.