“I love going to MBZ because it is a community of friendly people who are dedicated to improving their physical and spiritual health through yoga practice. I love the knowledgeable instructors who challenge and support each individual's ability. They are always available to answer questions and concerns. The studio is a place where I have found a lot of peace as well as personal and physical strength for the last four years.” - Andrea


“Seriously, this is one of the best yoga studios ever.” - Helen


“The energy in this studio is amazing.  It feels like Home.” - Caron


“After finishing MBZ's $30 for 30, I have nothing but praises to sing about this place!!  The ambiance- the beautiful natural lighting the super high ceilings sets a very tranquil, relaxing, aura.  The instructors are very knowledgeable about their specialty.  The classes/variety: they have everything from pilates, to yoga, to circuit, kickboxing, and a few classes what

meshed a few of these practices together!” - Kimberly


“Amazing! I love this place. The people are so friendly and knowledgeable, the classes are diverse and exciting, and the place is spotless and as relaxing as a day spa! (And huge!).” -Mary


“I've been going here for almost 5 years now. I cannot ever imagine leaving! The trainers here are incredibly experienced, provide individual attention to all participants, and do an amazing job at making every person feel relaxed and welcome.”  -Becky


“I enjoy coming to this facility.  It’s clean, professional and fun.  The instructors will challenge you within safe limits of motion.  They know modified poses- letting you know how to make a pose easier if you're a beginner, and more challenging if you are more experienced”. – Jain


“I have been taking yoga and the pilates reformer classes at MBZ for years. I can honestly say that I probably would not be walking or working today without this studio.  The instructors provide support and assist you be showing you modifications when you need them.” - Karen


“I love this studio.  Every instructor is knowledgeable, compassionate and challenging.  I started with their 30 day intro offer and have stayed for over three years!  There is a sense of community among the people who attend class and the instructors make me want to find time to go.” – Shannon


“I love the ambiance of this place!” - Helenas


“I would most definitely recommend this place, you will totally get the bang for your buck.” - Kimberly


“Mind Body Zone is a great place for everything. They have Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training, Massage, Wellness, and they offer workshops where you can learn things that are very helpful to your health and body.”  – Diana


“The 30 days for $30 deal is a steal, and the quality of classes do not disappoint.” - Derya



 “Amanda reverberates with serenity that translates to her class bringing about quiet calmness and harmony amongst her students. Her teaching style embodies grace combining slow steady movements with long holds building strength and inward focus. Her voice is like the cool breeze across a near-still ocean inspiring her students to challenge themselves and be with themselves. She has something for everyone from the beginner to the advanced and you walk out invigorated yet at complete peace.” -Shubha


Azra is the first instructor I have found that I actually love in the Bay Area.  The stretches she puts students into feel sooo good and never forced and I always leave feeling worked out and blissed out.” -Ruth


Azra is simply amazing. She guides our yoga practice, inspiring and challenging me each time.” -LizaDawn


Candee’s Saturday morning classes are excellent - challenging and some partner poses that really help with deep stretching. I've learned a couple of more new poses in her class.” -Patricia


Candee is my favorite instructor. Every class there is something different happening. Sometimes she will sing to us, or pray.  But don't let her gentle, welcoming demeanor fool you- her class will kick your butt!  But the magic of Candee is that you don't realize you are taking your body to the next level until you're already there and moving on to the next thing!” -Shannon


Don’s teaching style creates an atmosphere that is focused, calm, precise and secure.  He connects and supports the class and simultaneously provides space for individuals to focus internally.” –Monica


Don has wonderful quality to his voice- a soothing, calm tone that immediately sets the students at ease and envelops them with comfort and warmth. His style of teaching is gentle and slow allowing you explore the depths of your flexibility. His classes leave his students with a mellow calmness like you have just walked out of a spa.” –Shubha


Kate is a playful personality and somehow even in a quiet class there is a sense of unbridled energy and fun. She makes you really aware of your breathing through the practice of pranayama. She is eager for us as students to challenge ourselves and at least give it a try. "Never say Never, just have fun with it" would be Kate's motto.”- Shubha


Linea is great about explaining all the positions for each exercise and the target goal to pay attention to. She always demonstrates a range of motions and modifications for every skill level so that you can challenge yourself without exceeding your capabilities and injuring yourself.” –Yang


“I take Linea’s reformer class and she's AMAZING! It’s a tough workout, but you get amazing results. I signed up 3 months before I got married and she got my arms super sculpted for my strapless dress.”  –Phyllis


Linea is really a wonderful instructor, her voice is strong and motivating, and her instructions are clear and precise so even the most basic novice can catch on quickly and get an effective workout in. She’s able to lead a class thru grueling stretches, poses, countless downward dogs and sun salutations while still incorporating enough humour to lighten things up.” – Helen


Linea’s classes are tough, she will push you and you will feel it, but you'll leave with a renewed sense of confidence in what you can physically and emotionally handle.” - Shannon


Lynn is one of the most effective and down-to-earth teachers I have encountered. I admire her qualities as a teacher and yoga practitioner and I am grateful to have her as my teacher.” – Jill


"I love Lynn's classes. No two classes are the same, which provides tremendous diversity and ongoing challenges for regulars. I also appreciate the variety of levels Lynn can teach in one class. I can bring friends who have never taken yoga or friends who practice yoga every day and all of us can enjoy Lynn's class. It is difficult to find modifications for such a broad range of levels, but Lynn manages to find poses for everyone (and convert quite a few non-yoga believers in the process!).- Tristen


"Lynn's rich practice translates into a well sequenced, energizing class. She uses her knowledge of the energy flow of each pose to build heat in the body so that upon completion of her class you feel all connected up again. Lynn's knowledge shines through her well placed comments and adjustments. Truly fine instructor and her students recognize this by coming in droves."- Erica


Lynn brings a lot of positive energy to the class, and it brings a very friendly and inspiring atmosphere to the room. I really enjoy Lynn's class and teaching style - she's hands-on when she needs to be, but doesn't force you down a fixed path, allowing you to explore the poses and see how they fit with your body."- Clifton


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Monica in many capacities, over many years.  For me, she embodies the soul of integrity, warmth, generosity and wisdom.  My life has been immeasurably enriched by our shared journey.” –Linda


“I met Monica several years ago when I came to her for a personalized therapeutic practice of yoga.  It was the beginning of a life changing journey with an inspired, gifted woman who shares her extensive knowledge and experience with sensitivity, insight, compassion, wisdom, and great integrity.” -Ann


“I have been a student of Monica's in both her yoga and meditation groups for many years. She is an excellent and inspiring teacher, well-grounded in the Buddhist and Yogic traditions but also well-informed about modern psychobiological research. She combines the ancient with the modern to lead us through new pathways on our journey to peace and self-awareness.” -Charlotte


Nick's cardio kickboxing/pilates class was my favorite serendipity about this place! A combination of stretches and core exercises with upbeat cardio kickboxing combos, not to mention the beyond excellent music selection!” - Kimberly


Rhonda is amazing. She is one of the best trainers I know. Not just because of her background, but because she is an awesome person all the way around.” - Diana


“I absolutely love Rhonda’s bodyscupting classes! I woke up at 7am just to attend her Friday 8 am class!” - Josie

Rhonda’s body sculpt classes are the highlights of my mornings!” - Courtney

Su is an excellent yoga instructor. It's a good workout. Also very personable.” -Patricia

Su’s classes are creative and challenging.” - Shannon



"Leisa, the massage therapist, is very professional.  Every time I visit she asks me questions regarding my health so that she can customize the massage based on my needs.  I have a chronic back problem due to sitting, for many hours, in front of a computer and Leisa’s hot stone massages have helped me manage my pain.  I would highly recommend Leisa and Mind Body Zone." - Mita


"After giving birth to twins 13 months ago, I have had the most healing massages ever from Leisa Jarman. I cannot say how much better I felt and how the various pains just seemed to melt away after an hour with Leisa. She is truly a miracle worker. I would recommend her to anyone, and most especially to pregnant and post pregnant women." - Mishla

"On the days I had massage, my mind was so still, so calm and no restlessness at all. Leisa's face/cranial massage was awesome."- Mathi


"For all those postpartum women, my sincere advice, “Please take massages from Leisa Jarman for at least a month after delivering your baby". She is simply the best. Massages have a great healing power on a tired body and Leisa knows exactly what to do to make one feel better. Soon after i delivered,  I suffered from severe pelvic pain.  Leisa worked on my back, hips and joints every day in such a way that pelvic pain is gone now. Thanks Leisa. I feel so much energetic and charged to take care of my family in a way that was not possible earlier because of my pain. God bless you Leisa. You are an "Angel in disguise " for me." - Shilpa


“Thank you Megumi, for sharing with us your extraordinary sense of intuition through bodywork!”
- Melissa, bodywork and doula client

“The week after my bodywork session with Megumi, I felt great!! Really energized, yet sensitive. The last part helped me to have an internal visual process for connecting with my baby. I’ve been using it when I get those feelings of ‘Is this real?!’ Then we connect and it’s SO real!!! Also the gentle pressure really helped me to appreciate more the benefits of acknowledging the subtle. And I keep remembering that I deserve gentleness!” - Ama, 18 weeks into pregnancy