What is Yoga?

Yoga has the potential to transform your body and your life. It is a practice that harmonizes the body, mind and spirit while strengthening muscle groups, increasing flexibility, developing proper body alignment and increasing energy. With a consistent practice, yoga can lead to a deeper sense of well-being and balance.


The benefits of Yoga are limitless:

-an increase in flexibility, posture, range of motion and balance

-strengthening the immune system and increasing circulation

-stretching, toning and alleviating physical discomfort and pain

-bringing calm and harmony to the mind and body

-a keen sense of body awareness

-a reduction of stress and anxiety

-assisting in body detoxification


Styles and levels

ABSolutely Yoga begins with various exercises that engage the core followed by a challenging yet invigorating yoga class. Special attention will be paid to the muscles that make up the core (deep abdominals, obliques, deep spinal musculature, hip flexor group and the glutes), as well as traditional yoga poses, alignment and the breath. One part core work plus one part challenging yoga class equals an hour of power! We will go hard and then go Om.....


Candlelit Yin and Restorative Yoga is a perfect way to end the hectic work week! This candlelit class class combines both Yin and Restorative yoga, mostly practiced on the floor, and is designed for you to relax, rejuvenate, recharge and rest. Appropriate for all levels and especially for those recovering from illness or injury. Yin Yoga emphasizes long-held, gentle, passive stretching (with the muscles relaxed) to enhance flexibility and to replenish the fluids in the connective tissue (including ligaments and tendons) in our major joints. In doing so, it improves the flexibility and strength of the entire body and releases withheld energy in the meridians. This allows us to let go in the body and mind and therefore improve our circulation, energy, and overall health. Restorative Yoga focuses on relaxing the body in restful postures. This gentle, slow and relaxed pace helps bring balance to your life by slowing you down, soothes your nervous system, helps you quiet your mind and invites you to release deeply held tension. All levels will benefit from this stress reducing class and is ideal for people recovering from injuries and illness.


Flow Yoga links postures together with the use of breath creating a more fluid and seamless practice. This harmonizes and unites the body, mind and breath while strengthening muscle groups, increasing flexibility, developing proper body alignment, improving concentration and increasing energy. This practice is not as intense as a Vinyasa or Power Yoga class. Appropriate for all levels.


Free Community Yoga is an offering of service to our community at large. This yoga class is FREE of charge to all. We ask for a $1 donation towards the Alameda Food Bank as your karmic offering for attending. Please sign in when you arrive. This is a level 1 class; especially good for beginners and those seeking a less vigorous practice.


Gentle/Prenatal Yoga is designed not only for students who are pregnant, but also for men and women who are either new to yoga or simply enjoy a relaxing practice. With an emphasis on safe alignment and connecting to the breath, this class is an invaluable opportunity to release stress, as well as increase your strength, flexibility, and sense of balance. Whether you've been practicing for years or are stepping onto your mat for the first time, you are invited to enjoy the benefits of this grounding and soothing practice.


Power Yoga involves dynamic combinations of asana and sun salutations – a process designed to build purifying internal heat, strength and stamina. Recommended for those with prior yoga experience. Be prepared to be challenged!


Prenatal Yoga is an ideal practice to facilitate an easier labor and birth. This is because yoga requires the mother-to-be to coordinate movement, breath and awareness. Breathing and relaxation techniques learned from yoga can be used during labor. By being aware of the body, a feeling of calmness is achieved. This can decrease feelings of anxiety; and instead, foster feelings of confidence during the stages of pregnancy, labor, birth and motherhood. A doctor’s approval prior to attending class is highly recommended.


Vinyasa Yoga involves breath and movement – a process designed to build purifying internal heat which detoxifies the body, encourages mental clarity, and increases your energy.


Yoga harmonizes and unites the body, mind and breath while strengthening muscle groups, increasing flexibility, developing proper body alignment, improving concentration and increasing energy. With a consistent practice, Yoga can lead to a deeper sense of well-being and balance.


Yoga Stretching is recommended for beginning students new to MindBodyZone. Principles of alignment, breathing and mindfulness are carefully introduced to set a strong foundation of the basic postures.


Level 1- Beginner Level. Classes provide a safe environment for students to safely learn the fundamentals of yoga practice: proper alignment, breath and postures.


Level 1/2-Mixed Levels. Variations and modifications are offered during the practice. Appropriate for all levels as you work at your own pace and skill level.


Level 2-Intermediate Level. Classes emphasize strength, stamina and mindfulness. Intermediate to advanced students with a solid foundation will deepen their practice with flowing movements at a faster pace. Prerequisite: prior yoga experience with understanding of alignment in beginner level postures.


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